Luca Ciammarughi “Soviet Piano” (Zecchini) - Book Presentation

29/09/2018 at 11:45 in Media Lounge

This book aims to completely outline, for the first time, the relationships between classical pianists and the Soviet regime, between 1917 and 1991. On the background of the XIX century Russia and of the modernist atmosphere, heroism and tragedy progress together: the solitary pride of Sofronickij, Marija Judina rebellion to Stalin, the imprisonment of Neuhaus for his German origins, and that of Štarkman, for his homosexuality, the inner torment of Richter and Gilels, the adventures and misadventures with the KGB of Aškenazi, Egorov, Berman, Rudy, Gavrilov and many more. In the mystery of an art prospered under the regime, these artists tell us about cruelty and beauty, of the eternal clash between materialism and spirituality, and of the unpredictable relationship between ethics and aesthetics.


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