Presentation of 'Violin in action' by Kristina Mirkovic

23/09/2022 at 11:30 in Media Lounge

“VIOLIN IN ACTION !” is an innovative method providing the student with step-by-step instructions for reading and playing violin scores. Based on concepts from Volumes I, II and III emphasis is on the use of SOLFEGGIO AND PLAYING. From the beginning the emphasis is on skill development, leading to independence and self-evaluation, leading to a more conscious musical performance.

Building on Volumes I, II and III it demonstrates a three-dimensional approach leading the performer to understand exactly what to do and when.:

PAPER SUPPORT (pentagram sheet)



Which includes how to use the left hand; how to use the right hand; how to distinguish the two actions in the score.

As a BONUS for students, each manual includes “BONUS-VIDEO COURSE” with more than 100  traditional music SONGS, with modern arrangements. Each VIDEO consists of:1) violin performance of each song with explanation;2) video real time score;3) the original music backing tracks!

Violin course can be further improved and integrated on the website

Metodo Mirkovic is a worldwide online violin school, available in nine languages, the course includes simultaneous reading and execution, all followed by original music arrangements for each exercise.


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