Sound synthesis, history and evolution

30/09/2018 at 10:30 in Digital Space

Pier Calderan will explain the concepts of sound synthesis and the origins of electronic instruments that imitate the sounds of real instruments


Topics covered:
1. Brief history of sound synthesis
2. Synthesis principles
3. The synthesizer
4. Analog and digital synthesis
5. Computer music
6. DAW and virtual synths

Pier Calderan, expert in electronic music and musical informatics, is a hardware and software designer. Programmer in various languages, including C ++, Python and Java. For Feltrinelli has signed, among other texts, Musica con il PC, manuale per giovani band, Cubase 4, Tecniche di registrazione, Robot Fai Da Te, Raspberry Pi, Elettronica DIY, Stampa 3D, Droni DIY, Reti domestiche, Windows 10 IoT e Manuale per il maker domestico.Official website


Organization: CremonaFiere