Yamaha Piano Festival: the avantgardist pianist Giusy Caruso and her performance from metaverse

23/09/2022 at 11:00 in Sala Stradivari (Yamaha & Bösendorfer)

The metaverse is changing the way of seeing and in this case of listening, allowing the audience to cross the performative threshold of reality and immerse themselves in the virtual space to explore a new world, thanks to the integration of digital technology in the performing arts, thus giving rise to new formulas of multimedia entertainment and interactive enjoyment.

The spectator will thus find himself involved in an intriguing "augmented" experience caused by the three-dimensional perspective of the stage space and by the doubling of the pianist and her avatar in dialogue in the metaverse. From the formation of the avatar to the interaction with the pianist, it will be a true phygital experience for the audience involved in first person.

MethaPhase: Contrapuntal dialogue between a pianist and her avatar in the metaverse is an innovative performance inspired by recent neuroscience studies on performative movement, bio-mechanics and man-machine interaction.


For futher info: http://news.cremonamusica.com/en/news/?item=970


Giusy Caruso

Refined musicality and strong stage presence, marked by a charismatic temperament intellectually supported by a brilliant piano technique, are the qualities recognized by European music critics to the Italian pianist Giusy Caruso.
Graduated with honors in piano and philosophy, she began her musical adventure when she was young, combining multiple interests: musicological research, philosophy, theater, dance, improvisation, yoga and oriental cultures.
Stimulated by a wide range of experiences, Giusy Caruso, a versatile artist, prefers repertoires ranging from classical music to the more contemporary style, aimed at creating concert projects, singular shows and unconventional thematic artistic events capable of capturing and increasing the interest of a heterogeneous audience.
She transfers enthusiasm, stubbornness and grit to young musicians by applying piano teaching combined with the yogic principle of mind-body interaction that aims to make individuality grow and emerge in philological respect for the musical text.
She is an interpreter pianist of the SIMC - Italian Society of Contemporary Music based in Milan - and a research artist in Belgium.

Organization: Yamaha Music Europe - Branch Italy & CremonaFiere