Demo showcase for our exhibitors

30/09/2018 at 10:00 in Acoustic Guitar Village

Demo Stage 1

The companies and the luthiers of the Acoustic Guitar Village have the opportunity to present their own instruments and their sound features through a series of mini-live, involving professional musicians and endorsers of the guitar brands. The demo stage will be, at the same time, a promotional window for our exhibitors and an opportunity for our audience to enjoy special acoustic performances.

With: Dario Fornara, I Quattro, Giuseppe Tropeano, Piero Posani, Finaz, Antonello Fiamma, Dave Goodman (Uk), Camilla Conti, Alessandro Formenti, Cristian Marin, Clive Carroll (Uk), Zarek Silberschimdt, Gavino Loche, Roberto Bettelli, Massimo Varini, Federico Sirianni, Osvaldo Di Dio, Carmelo Tartamella, Pietro Nobile, John Jorgenson (Usa), Alberto Lombardi, Marco Manusso, Roberto Fabbri, Carlo Aonzo Trio and many more (the list is continuously being updated).


Organization: Associazione Culturale Armadillo and CremonaFiere