Masterclass of lutherie for acoustic guitar

29/09/2018 at 10:00 in Sala Masterclass 1


M° Bryan Galloup (USA)

M° Charles Fox (USA)


Bryan Galloup is an American luthier with more than 35 years of experience under his belt. Michigan based, he has always had the mission of building instruments of excellent quality, with the perfect look and tone for professional musicians. He has always perfectly mixed traditional building with new technologies, and his guitars are proof of his research towards excellence and attention to the smallest details. Each guitar he has built shows his deep knowledge of this instrument and of its evolution. His School of Lutherie is recognized worldwide and considered by many experts a perfect training in the education of future professional luthiers. Bryan is also one of the most expert luthiers regarding the restoration of vintage instruments, a point of reference for collectors all over the world.


Charles Fox has been active in the development of modern American lutherie for 50 years and he enjoys an international reputation as an artisan, designer, consultant and educator. His original design concepts, building techniques and production tools, such as the Universal Side Bender, are widely used by guitar builders and factories all over the world. Charles has been referred to as the dean of educators in the field of guitar making, having founded the first school for guitar makers in North America in 1973 and since then introduced generations of folks to the craft, including many of today’s successful luthiers. Today Charles builds guitars and teaches small classes in his Portland, Oregon workshop, imagining that he’s retired, for at least twelve hours a day.


Organization: Associazione Culturale Armadillo and CremonaFiere