250 years after Giuseppe Tartini's death

26/09/2020 at 10:30 in Palazzo Raimondi, dipartimento di musicologia

A conversazione with:

Sergio Durante, University of Padova
Giorgia Malagò, University of Padova
Matteo Cossu, University of Pavia
Angela Romagnoli, University of Pavia
Pietro Zappalà, Unversity of Pavia


This year the world of music is celebrating the 250th anniversary of two important events: the death of the violinist and composer Giuseppe Tartini, and Ludwig van Beethoven's birth. The latter is, without any doubt, more famous; but Tartini, "the composer of the nations", had been an important protagonist of his era, and his heritage is not only made by his compositions. His didactic works and his discussions with the Illuminist environment make him an appreciated thinker.

On the occasion of the anniversary, several institutions, in Italy and in his hometown, Pirano, collaborated to enhance and give visibility to his music and to better understand his complex and fascinating personal profile, proposing or continuing projects of an informative, executive, exhibition, editorial nature. At Cremona Musica we will talk about the correspondence, soon to be published by Giorgia Malagò, the complete works, the thematic catalog and volumes by Sergio Durante and Patrizio Barbieri on Tartini and the harmonic theories of his time.

Organization: CremonaFiere and the Faculty of Musicology of the University of Pavia