Masterclass of guitar technique with Pierre Bensusan - 1st lesson

27/09/2019 at 14:00 in Sala Masterclass 2

Collective theoretical and and practical lessons for guitar players (amateur and professional), guitar fans


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Pierre Bensusan

Pierre Bensusan is a master fingerstyle guitarist. Born in Algeria, raised in France, he recorded his first album at the age of 18 and won the Grand Prix du Disque at the Montreux Festival in 1976. Since then, he’s released ten more albums, including his latest, Vividly, which the Washington Post praises for its “intricate architecture” and “sparkling acoustic arrangements,” as well as for introducing “new chords, new voicings, and new tunings to the legacy of folk, blues, and hillbilly music with revolutionary results. Pierre is known for his use of open tuning, playing almost exclusively with his steel-stringed Lowden guitar tuned to DAGDAD. The Los Angeles Times has described him as “one of the most brilliant acoustic guitar veterans in the world music scene today” and Guitar Player Magazine named him Best World Music Guitar Player in 2008. His compositions and improvisations draw from classical, jazz, New Age, and a wealth of folk traditions including Brazilian and Arabic, Sephardic and Celtic.


His aim is…

Pierre Bensusan's workshops are open to any guitarist playing fingerstyle on steel strings or nylon strings, from every musical horizon, whatever the tuning, and who has already achieved an intermediate or advanced technical level. Pierre Bensusan plays exclusively in DADGAD tuning and is recognised to be the world leader in his discipline. His approach to this tuning is defined by the fact that he does not see it as an alternative, but as a native tuning, that he chose to explore its specific sonic mood and that he embracedas his own standard tuning. While the class is not about DADGAD per se, Pierre will share his experience of the guitar tuned in thismanner, which can become a portal for endless explorations. Pierre’s classes are based on a large concept which is that, whatever the style and whether the focus is on interpreting, improvising or/and composing, the player needs to express music on the instrument thanks to a process which is analysed and optimized throughout the length of the class.


Friday 27th September, from 2 pm to 5 pm

Playing and experiencing music, the touch on the guitar, the posture, the strings, the musical approach, the ear training, the tuning process, the art of listening, singing, memorizing, rhythmic independence, dynamic, inspiration.


Saturday 28th September, from 2 pm to 5 pm

Introduction to DADGAD, notions of harmony and chord construction, exploration of scales and modalities through the application of various approaches and techniques of the right and the left hand, rest and silence, learning to be able to anticipate, improvisation.


Sunday 29th September, from 2 pm to 5 pm

Effects, nuances, timbres, nails, vibrato, harmonics, tapping, muting, interactive listening of the students who play, memorize and compose their music.


Teaching materials

- The Guitar Book (Hal Leonard)
- Dadgad Explorer (DVD/Download - Truefire, USA- website)
- The Intuite PDF Collection Songbook (PDF - website)
- The Altiplanos PDF Collection Songbook (PDF - website)
- The Vividly PDf Collection Songbook (PDF - website)
- The Nice Feeling Collection (PDF - website)
- The Dadgad Café Collection (PDF - website)
- The 4 AM Collection (PDF - website)
- The Celtic Collection, Vol. 1 (PDF - website)
- The Celtic Collection, Vol 2 (PDF - website)
- Individual Sheet Music (PDF - website)
- In Concert (DVD - Vestapol Videos, USA - website)
- PB, Instructional #1 (DVD – Stefan GrossmanWorkshop, USA - website)
- PB, Instructional #2 (DVD – Stefan GrossmanWorkshop, USA - website)


Organization: Armadillo Club and CremonaFiere