Milano Music Master School - presentation and concert of the best students

30/09/2018 at 13:30 in Area Eventi Padiglione 2

The "Academy" MILAN MUSIC MASTER SCHOOL was born in Milan in 2008 from an idea of ​​the famous Russian violinist Yulia Berinskaya and brothers Angelo and Giovanni Mantovani, founders of the Cultural Association "Il Clavicembalo Verde" - Civic Merit of the City of Milan.

Observing the success of the violin course held by Berinskaya for "Il Clavicembalo Verde", the project was born to establish the Academy as a reference point for the musical perfection of Milan and, consequently, national and international.

The teaching faculty of the Academy includes top instrumentalists of the international concert scene. The fast, dynamic and flexible organization of the Academy is suitable to ride the rhythms and needs of our times, always focussing on the students, true fulcrum of the Academy.

Since 2009 the have been given public concert opportunities, thanks to the collaboration with the concert seasons organized by "Il Clavicembalo Verde".

The possibility to reach high educational qualifications recognized all over the world (thanks to the affiliation with ABRSM) become structural and characteristic elements of MILAN MUSIC MASTERSCHOOL.

Milano Master Music School