Edoardo Catemario: the Catemario method

29/09/2018 at 17:00 in Area Edizioni Musicali

The famous guitarist Edoardo Catemario presents his new method for guitar learning, based on the application of the partitions.

The partition is a canvas for improvisation, a practical way to teach harmony, counterpoint and the conduct of the parts. Adopted in the Conservatory since the seventeenth century, it had spread to other Italian and European schools, constituting for over two centuries the didactic base that the Master left to the student.


At a superficial glance, the partitions would seem like melodic lines with numbers to make harmonies, as in basso continuo, but in reality they are quite different. These are compositional schemes that were used for both instrumental and vocal improvisation. Even though the eighteenth-century masters, for example Fedele Fenaroli, wrote down some partitions, it is impossible to study them at home on their own. From the beginning they were thought, in fact, as theoretical-practical tables that summarized the fundamental principles explained during the lessons. Without the teacher's help it would be impossible to make out for themselves what is only schematized in books.


The composition of the composition cloths ended in the mid-nineteenth century, but did not go completely lost. Maestro Edoardo Catemario adopted it by reinterpreting it. His method is effective, because it is based on the tradition that has produced the best composers of the glorious school of Italy. All the greatest authors for more than two centuries studied on the partitions.


In the Conservatories music was studied with a Master who set himself the goal of providing solid musical bases regardless of the use of the instrument. The student was brought step by step to have sufficient knowledge to decide independently how to apply them. The Catemario method develops the creativity of the pupil, who is an active protagonist of learning


In the Catemario system it is not obligatory for the student to study at home, because the schemes learn them directly from the Master by imitation. After having built the bases, the student is then free to apply in whatever situation he has learned, or playing in concert, or in private with a keyboard, or the guitar, electric, acoustic or classical.



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