Federico Capitoni: Canone Boreale (Jaca Book) - Book Presentation

29/09/2018 at 14:00 in Media Lounge

The XX century had been particularly rich for music. In these 100 years, more things happened in the musical universe than ever before. No other century may be compared in terms of styles, fractures, reconsiderations. New genres, new shapes, new technologies, new ways of thinking of music, made this period rich in musical miracles.
Federico Capitoni composed a “canon” of 100 works of ‘900s art music, a guide to find your way through the thousands of masterpieces and extraordinary works that outlined this musical era.


Federico Capitoni (Roma, 1980), professional journalist, graduated in Communication Studies and Philosophy at the University of Rome, “La Sapienza”. He is a music critic for La Repubblica and collaborates with many national and international papers. Author, radio director, he hosts Wikimusic on Radio3. He teaches musical criticism in many masters and courses in universities, academies, and conservatories. Teacher of P4C (Philosophy for Children & Community), he is also a practical philosopher. Some of his books: Guida ai musicisti che rompono Da Beethoven a Lady Gaga (2011); La verità che si sente. La musica come strumento di conoscenza (2013); La critica musicale (2015); In C - Opera aperta. Guida al capolavoro di Terry Riley (2016).
He is the author of the drama and the libretto of Non è un paese per Veggy (2017).



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