Rethro Tull in concert

27/09/2020 at 16:00 in Cortile Federico II

Paolo Meneghetti, guitar and voice

Maurizio Cantore, guitar and voice

Luana Giannotti, voice

Gianni Cossu, voice

Roberto Benedetti, double bass

Stefano Cantore, keyboards

Fausto Baccarini, drums

"We are not professionals, but we like to live music, especially in this new context post-lockdown. An invisible enemy that filled our life with silences, broken by the ambulances.

In our group there are three doctors. With them, we took part in the show "Look out of the window", the first and only series of live concerts held in front of the Hospital of Mantova (Lombardy), from 7 May to 30 June. Music entered in all the sectors of the hospital, bringing some hope to those who needed it.

We could not miss this event in Cremona, our twin city, also in the pain and in the rebirth.

Thank you!"



Organization: Armadillo Club & CremonaFiere