Workshop: The Russian Violin School: The Legacy Of Yuri Yankelevich

27/09/2019 at 17:00 in Digital Space

In this workshop the famous violinist Yulia Berinskaya presents the teaching method of Yuri Yankelevich (1909 - 1973), Russian teacher, considered among the founders of the Russian violin school. Among his students are worth mentioning Boris Belkin, Eugenia Chugaeva, Ilya Grubert, Pavel Kogan, Dora Schwarzberg, Dmitry Sitkovetsky, Vladimir Spivakov, Viktor Tretyakov. Yankelevich demonstrated a profound knowledge linked to the sciences and the parallel arts such as pedagogy, psychology, physiology and aesthetics, and was appreciated for his extraordinary ability to analyze aimed at identifying the peculiar characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of each student. Some videos and photographs taken from lectures given by E. Chugaeva, violinist and living teacher who was Yankelevich's assistant and Yulia Berinskaya's teacher, will be screened. With the participation of Valentina Danelon and Luca Santaniello.   



1)     Presentation of Yuri Yankelevich's biography (1909 – 1973)

2)     Introduction to the history and the features of the "Russian violin school", from the founder to Yankelevich.

3)    Discussion of the seminary Yankelevich and its strenght points


Lorenzo Molinetti playing violin and demonstrative lesson by Y. Berinskaya


4)    Introduction to Yankelevich's methods and long-term individual programmation

5)     Short video: sample of a lesson by E. Chugaeva, Yankelevich's assistant

Introduction on the settings of the right and left hands, according to Yankelevich

Sara Rondorf playing violin, and demontrative lession by Y. Berinskaya

6)     Final consideration about Yankelevich'heritage and the success of his school in Italy and abroad

7)     Interview with M° Luca Santaniello, violinist fo the Synphonic Orchestra La Verdi of Milan

8)     Final considerations and discussion with the audience


Music by F. Kreisler, J. S. Bach, B. Britten

With the participation of M° Stefano Ligoratti, piano


Organization: CremonaFiere