Project presentation: ordine dei musicisti

29/09/2019 at 13:30 in Media Lounge

The “Associazione Nazionale Ordine dei Musicisti” (National Association of Musicians Order), founded in 2018 by the Union of thirteen musicians coming from four different regions of Italy, explained at the press room of the Chamber of Deputies at Palazzo Montecitorio in Rome the aims and objectives of its project: to request the institution of the body governed by public law "Order of Musicians" and the genesis of a national register to guarantee the work of musicians and music industry employees, which can ensure the members (professionals, teachers, students) of work protections, tax deductions, legal protection and social security. During this brief conference, in which some representatives of the association will be present, this project will be presented and it will then be possible to ask questions. This is the time to act and proceed together compactly. The Order is the institute that par excellence will protect the worker of today and tomorrow.


Organization: CremonaFiere