National forum of musical instruments - Dismamusica

29/09/2019 at 15:00 in Sala Bergonzi

A complex market, rich of opportunities. Companies rich of stories and values, and challenges that demands a new way to make business.

These are the premises of the Nazional Forum of Musical instruments.


-The Italian market of musical instrument: a preview of the Osservatorio Dismamusica 2019, realized by CERSI Università Cattolica and presentation by Disma Academy
- Market analysis and possible solutions to improve the relation with the clients.
- How to deal with the new rules about privacy, contracts, prices, and European law.
- The need of the field and its representation with institutions


Organization: Dismamusica, with CremonaFiere, Camera di Commercio di Cremona and CERSI Università Cattolica