The seventh string, parallel realities beyond the sounds

29/09/2019 at 14:00 in Area Eventi Acoustic Guitar Village

Workshop/conference curated by M° Marcos Vinicius.

Playing an instruments cannot and should not mean just learning to play an instrument. Playing an instrument, a guitar or anything else, should be a wealth of experience to gather, a box to open, to discever its contenuto and to fill it with the most beautiful things; discovering your own sensibility, molding it like clay, to make it look like our own substance. Expression of the beyond and much more, in each of us. Work on oneself as individuals, vibrate and make vibrate, convey emotions through frequencies and moving energy. And then, of course, make music. A lots of music. Coming to be what you do. In our case it is music. A scale outside a musical context is simply a scale; a scale within a musical phrase is music.


Organization: Armadillo Club and CremonaFiere