Masterclass of guitar technique with Micki Piperno - 1st lesson

27/09/2019 at 10:00 in Sala Masterclass 2

Collective theoretical and practical lesson for guitar players (amateur and professional), guitar fans


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Michelangelo “Miki” Piperno is an acoustic guitar teacher, an internationally known performer and a composer of contemporary music. With his steel string guitar, he combines the sound and knowledge of the American guitar tradition with echoes of classical and Mediterranean guitar, at the service of song and melody, that he deems essential to communicate the world of acoustic guitar. He has worked as a composer for cinema, television and theatre, also writing didactic articles for specialized magazines Chitarre and Axe. He has published for Sinfonica Jazz the manuals Manuale di chitarramoderna and Suonare la Teoria – voll.1 & 2, Corso Completo di Chitarra Acustica, Lezioni di chitarra Acustica e Classica Fingerstyle Vol. 1, and for the books of original compositions for acoustic guitar Original Composition and Freestyle.



Stylistic completion for the contemporary guitarist through technical studies, repertoire, style analysis and new technologies.


Friday 27th September, from 10 am to 1 pm:

• Foundations of modern harmony applied to acoustic guitar styles
• Fingerstyle arrangement techniques
• Alternating bass, different formulas and the possibility of use
• Basic and advanced techniques for the right hand in folk guitar
• Harmonize a famous theme with alternating bass
• Embellishment phrases to enhance your arrangement
• Study the song Nashville Swing (M. Piperno)

Saturday 28th September, from 10 am to 1 pm:

• Study a traditional American song, Guitar Rag (M. Travis)
• Analysis and group study of the song
• Other elements of embellishment and improvisation: Harp Style and Bluegrass licks
• Insertion of embellishments studied within a blues and ragtime structure
• Advanced techniques of alternating bass
• Constant bass
• Vibrato techniques on acoustic guitar
• Amplify a live acoustic guitar

Sunday 29th September, from 10 am to 1 pm:

• Harmonics, formulas and different types
• The Walking Line Bass and harmonic rounds
• Scales and Harp Style techniques
• Study of the Fingerstyle arrangement of the song Quando by Pino Daniele (Arr. M. Piperno) to demonstrate the synthesis of the topics studied during the course in a pop song
• Improvisation elements to be included in the piece


Teaching Materials:

All the necessary material is taken from the following official publications:
- M. Piperno, Corso Completo di Chitarra Acustica vol. 1 (SJ. 124) - Ed. Sinfonica Jazz
- M. Piperno, Corso Completo di Chitarra Acustica vol. 2 (SJ. 135) - Ed. Sinfonica Jazz
- M. Piperno, La Vita dietro la Chitarra (S. 421) - Ed. Sinfonica Jazz


Organization: Armadillo Club and CremonaFiere